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Being the ANDers means to us to share a passion for storytelling via branding and to commit to helping you shape your communication with your audiences.

A team of Qatar-based professionals with extensive experience in marketing and events within and outside Qatar is here to make your narrative heard and your name recognized.


Marie-line Halabi


With over +17 years of experience at directorial & consultancy positions in top firms across Qatar, Marie-line is dedicated to delivering innovative ideas and implementing marketing strategies that stand out and make a real difference.


Siril Sebastian

HR Manager

With 20+ years of experience working in dynamic industries globally, Siril is a results-oriented HR Manager for Al Jassra Corporate Services and Al Jassra Group. Since early 2008, Siril has been a vital member of the group of companies affiliated with Al Jassra Group.


Fatima Effat

Marketing and Events Specialist

​With 7+ years of working in diverse fields within Qatar and an MSc degree in Marketing, Fatima has a keen eye for detail and a versatile imagination when creating marketing concepts and working whole-heartedly towards implementing them.


Mohamed Amine Amri

Business Development Director – Events

Mohamed Amine Amri is a Business Development Director with twenty years of successful experience in the Events & Hospitality industry within the MENA region.


Naoum AlRami

Director of Operations

Naoum AlRami brings multidisciplinary communications insights. As a Brand and Marketing specialist, he works with multi-national agencies, CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their professional brands human-to-human


Roy Tawk

Event Experience Architect

With 16 years of experience in the architectural and interior design fields and 8 years of experience as a professional videographer, enriched by MA in Architecture, Roy has molded his proficient expertise in projects’ conception, detailing, visualization, execution, and supervision phases.


Hemanth Madupu

Graphic Designer

With 10+ years of work in the design industry, a degree in Graphic Design, and a Certification in Digital Marketing, Hemanth specializes in social media marketing and branding. Hemanth's multicultural mindset is reflected in his designs.


Mohammad Fawzi Habet

Design Director

With over +13 years of experience working in the field of Brand Communication, Mohammad has since worked with several international agencies, such as Brand Union, FITCH, the WRG Live event agency (UK - Qatar - UAE), Imagination (USA- Qatar – UAE) Saatchi & Saatchi (UAE) and Ogilvy & Mather.


Asif Ali

Procurement Director

With 25+ years of experience in Procurement and Contracts and 8+ years of experience in Oracle Applications, Asif manages and reports on contractual aspects with contractors and suppliers, leading the procurement, commercial, and contract matters.


Stephanie Chaniago

Business Support Coordinator

With a degree in Tourism Management and 12+ years of experience worldwide, Stephanie handles details and coordination flawlessly. Stephanie has extensive experience in and deep knowledge of MICE and client management.


Tatiana Ermakova

Digital Marketing Specialist

With 10+ years of digital and traditional marketing and business development experience, Tatiana practices a professional, insightful, expert-level approach to a subject paired with a friendly attitude and energetic work style.

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