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Why an Animated Logo

Logo animation is not new but certainly an underused trend in branding. In times when even personal projects have their logo professionally designed, it's crucial to account for the assets that make your business stand out.

Brands that invest in being unique make a bigger profit in the form of more aware and engaged users, prestige, and potentially higher sales.

Why the animated logo?

Higher brand recognition

Put simply, animated brand elements stand out in the background of the static ones. They capture and hold users' attention. More eyeballs and longer viewership translate into higher and faster brand recognition the next time the user sees the animated logo.

Higher engagement

Since an animated logo holds users' attention for a longer time, it also contributes to a higher engagement rate and increases the chances of further interactions.

Evoking positive emotions

Animated brand elements play on evoking positive emotions by being enticing, witty, funny, or just friendly. The creative idea behind animation though has to speak to the brand audience and be tailor-made for your tribe. In which case it's worth investing in professional services for your brand animation.

Communicate story effectively

An animated logo has the full capacity of narrating a compelling brand story. it shows the brand’s personality, character, and values. Done professionally, it sets your brand apart from your competition and raises your credibility and professionalism.

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